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Bounce Demand Sustainable Rubber


Demand Sustainable Rubber


The world largest natural rubber producer had identified a problem, namely; the price of natural rubber is driven by non-specified rubber, which doesn’t incentive the market to update, innovate or produce a truly sustainable product. The opportunity was to encourage & reward sustainable practices; from smaller holder farmers to tyre manufacturers, the industry needs modernising to offer a sustainable future. Tangible’s idea was to develop an advocacy brand to encourage the industry to adopt sustainable practices. Together with Halcyon & Hume Brophy, Tangible leveraged the UNs Sustainable Development Goals to define & advocate what Sustainable Natural Rubber should be.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed a complete suite of creative and marketing materials for Bounce. From the brand identity and website to x6 videos for each of the sustainable development goals. Tangible offered a one stop turnkey solution for the Bounce brand.

People & Culture

As part of the website design Tangible incorporated a pledge options to get the public to pledge support for demanding sustainable rubber. Tangible also developed a suite of graphic elements to be used for social media campaigns

Products & Services

Tangible worked with Halcyon & Hume Brophy to define six relevant United Nations Sustainable development goals and clearly articulate what the opportunities were for the natural rubber industry.

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