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Issue 02: Q4 2012 - Branding & The CEO (Part 1)

Branding & The CEO (Part 1)

Issue 02: Q4 2012 / October 9, 2012
Charlie Scott
Founder and Creative Director

Branding & the CEO

I know branding involves more than just a logo. So, when should I engage a brand consultant? 5 scenarios where a branding programme is worth investing in…

1. “I don’t know what my brand means”

You probably have one of those clichéd vision-mission statements peppered with words like “maximize shareholder value”, “quality service”, “trusted” or “innovative”. It’s your chance to define something that provides clarity to guide the organization into the future & the emotional “hook” to align people to your vision.

2. “I am changing my business strategy”

Your brand communicates your aspirations, so it needs to be updated. Your stakeholders, inside & outside, need to be re-aligned. Initiatives in your new business strategy may need to be branded. They can also benefit from ideation to make them attractive signature “lighthouses” for your newly defined brand.

3. “I have a messy brand & product portfolio”

Without a clear brand management framework, you’ve ended up with a fragmented, soup of brands that is confusing to the customers (& let’s be honest, to you too). You can organize your portfolio to be easily understood & establish a brand architecture that helps you decide when your brands should look alike, be visually linked or just be different.

4. “My brand is lagging behind its peers”

If someone hasn’t outadvertised you, and you’re sure you haven’t done something terribly wrong, chances are you’ve been “outinnovated” or you’ve simply not kept up with changing times.

Insights can help you pinpoint the causes. You’ll then need fresh ideas to innovate your brand’s offering and perhaps, even re-position your brand.

5. “I am introducing a new offering”

This one’s a no brainer. Is it differentiated & significant enough to warrant creating a new brand, rather than parking it under an existing one? If your answer is yes, then it needs branding & tools to bring it to market. But wait a minute, perhaps it can benefit from some ideation to make sure it has signature features that make it worthwhile for customers to switch? Wouldn’t hurt, would it?

There you go. That’s a good list to keep in mind.

Success Stories:
Umpqua Bank
Umpqua Bank

“We’ve never thought of ourselves as simply a bank. We’re really more like knowledgeable neighbours, the kind you invite over for a cup of coffee, seek advice from and chat over the fence.”

From humble beginnings serving loggers in North Western United States, Umpqua Bank positions itself as a brand that supports the community.

“Neighbourly” customer treatment includes no annual fee on cards, combined statements & no closing fees on loans. Its award-winning branches are designed as “stores” serving the local community, where “an errand turns into a pleasant escape”. With free wifi & its own speciality coffee, it invites you to “Surf, Sip, Shop, Read & Bank” & offers toys, games & even ice-cream for kids. It’s also a venue for music performances & activities.

Read more: Umpqua Bank

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