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REDEX Unlocking easy and efficient trade opportunities for all, with our global network and expertise


Unlocking easy and efficient trade opportunities for all, with our global network and expertise


T-RECs is a one-stop platform for companies to buy and sell Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). For example, renewable power generators can monetise their REC through the platform, brokers can trade them, and buyers can buy them to meet their Environmental Sustainability Goals. 

Each Megawatt Hour of renewable Energy generated = 1 REC. REC are Tier 2 renewable certificates, which can be offset against electrical usage. The issue was that T-RECs wanted to offer more than REC, and TRECs was already an established name in Taiwan (Also trading REC).

Tangible’s task was to rebrand and rename T-RECs and its product Apps. A communication activation plan was also required to communicate the new brand to customers, investors and partners. Tangible’s methodology of modelling and testing hypotheses proved very influential across the different opportunity areas. 

Marketing & Communications

Developing a new name is always highly subjective, but with a strong brand positioning, the process becomes more objective. The neologistic name, REDEX, was finally selected and taken from Renewable Digital Exchange. REDEX in mathematics means something that can be reduced according to the rules of a formal system.

Tangible then created the REDEX logo and adapted it for its different product Apps; REHash, REHash Lite, and RESuite. Tangible then developed the Visual & Verbal Core Elements and guidelines. Tangible then ideated and developed the activation plan to launch the new REDEX brand.

People & Culture

Tangible developed three Core Values to help shape internal culture and behaviour.

Products & Services

Tangible developed several brand architecture models to test with stakeholders. A monolithic approach for REDEX to cover all its future ambitions. The REC offers were aligned and named for different target audiences Apps: REHash (Trading App for Corporates & Brokers). REHash Lite (Selling App for residential generators) and RESuite (an App for Corporates to manage the renewable energy goals of their supply chain).

Spaces & Places

Within Tangible’s activation plan, recommendations were made to utilise corporate offices to promote the REDEX brand.