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Systema The Gum Care Expert FMCG Packaging Branding: System The Gum Care Expert

Systema The Gum Care Expert

FMCG Packaging Branding: System The Gum Care Expert


FMCG packaging branding - Lion Corporation Japan appointed Tangible to develop their range of Oral Hygiene products under the Systema brand. The objectives were to strengthen overall market share for Systema by building the association with Systema’s Japanese heritage, clinical expertise and complete range of gum care products. Because as everyone knows; healthier gums make for healthier teeth! Tangible leveraged our proprietary market research platform to better understand; customer preferences when purchasing oral hygiene products and associations of the Systema and competitor brands. Tangible developed and tested packaging designs based on a series of personality types to see which packaging designs best reflected the client’s objectives and which design would prompt purchase or switching from competitor brands.

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Tangible’s testing also included; customers oral hygiene concerns, preferred product features and the ability for competitor brands to meet their needs. After the results of Tangible’s initial packaging concepts, we took the client’s input and further refined the preferred packaging to meet their regional alignment objectives. Once the creative development was approved, Tangible rolled out the designs across the entire Systema range. Tangible finally prepared the x36 packaging artworks (known as SKUs or Stock Keeping Units) for production.