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Travelodge Asia Positioning the brand to realise their vision

Travelodge Asia

Positioning the brand to realise their vision


Travelodge engaged Tangible to help build the brand to achieve the group's vison of 50 properties by 2025. Travelodge was looking to unite the offer behind a common purpose to help deliver a consistent experience across their properties. Tangible delivered Travelodge’s objective by ideating both positioning options and delivery implications for the group. This ensured the leadership team was comfortable delivering against the brand. 'We’ve got you covered' set a clear statement of intent for product & service delivery and the brand personality of 'informal & engaging' ensured both communications and interior design were aligned.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible created a suite of marketing and communication materials for Travelodge based on the brand positioning and personality. We borrowed from the rich visual vocabulary of street signage and bold graphics to create an informal and engaging visual language Travelodge can own.

People & Culture

Tangible developed services principles for Travelodge staff based on the three core values of comfort, convenience and connectivity. We also developed the communication for head office employees to build the culture of the Travelodge Group.

Products & Services

Together with the Travelodge team, Tangible ideated a series of product & service implications. The preferred ideas shaped the brand values and six customer focus area to deliver the brand.

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a briefing pack for Interior Design partners to ensure as new properties were renovated they were inspired by the same DNA, no matter where the property was or who the Interior Designer was. Tangible also created a ‘welcome wall’ and temporary reception / lounge while renovations were taking place.

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